Home Automation and Audio Video Services in Baton Rouge

Audio and Video Services in Baton Rouge

At AVSS, we specialize in transforming your Baton Rouge home into an epicenter of audio-visual excellence.

At AVSS,¬† it’s about creating immersive, home entertainment experiences that resonate with every beat and frame in your Baton Rouge residence.

Whole-Home Automation Baton Rouge

Step into a world where your home responds to your needs with AVSS’s bespoke whole-home automation solutions.

Your home automation is about creating a living space that truly understands and complements your way of life.

Elevating Baton Rouge Homes with Smart Solutions and Outdoor Entertainment

In Baton Rouge, AVSS is redefining leisure and convenience with a suite of smart home solutions and outdoor entertainment services.

At AVSS, we’re passionate at crafting a harmonious and streamlined living experience in every corner of your Baton Rouge home.

Advanced AV Solutions for Commercial Spaces in Baton Rouge

In Baton Rouge, AVSS is at the forefront of transforming corporate environments with our sophisticated AV solutions.

Businesses can expect to gain a partner in enhancing communication and collaboration, turning every corporate space into a hub of innovation and professional excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. We will even come move it for you for free if you are currently being monitored by AVSS.

We can install both, but recommend hard wired cameras.

No. We prefer hardwired IP cameras with local storage, eliminating the need for monthly cloud storage fees. We can install any wireless camera system available, but you may have to pay that company monthly for access to your video recordings.

One Stop Shop- We can provide you any equipment we install at better prices than you will find at the big box stores.